MOE2: Maids of England Concert

748psOn the 7th December I attended the second Maids of England Concert, nicknamed MOE2. The concert was bigger and better than the last, featuring more songs, skits and outfits! (Review of the first MOE concert)

VIP ticket holders were promptly met at Ealing Broadway Station by Butler Jin and escorted to the student union bar at University of West London. I was very grateful for this, I have a terrible sense of direction and this was a nice touch to the host like service that MOE provides.

497psOn arrival, attendees or “Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama” as we were referred to by MOE, were met with home baked goods and pocky. While the final stage preparations and sound checks were taking place the maids and butlers mingled. This provided attendees the first opportunity to meet newly hatched generation eight maids; Maid Ami, Maid Takara, Maid Mimi and Maid Sora (Digimon reference MOE?). Unlike the previous concert, I came by myself and didn’t know anyone, but the maids and butlers were very friendly and approached me, so I never felt lonely or awkward.

The concert featured a variety of music from Vocaloid, anime themes, and classic j-pop tunes. Highlights included Maid Kyoko’s solo of Yume to Hazakura – Aoki Gekkou, (she has such a lovely voice!), Maid Nadeshiko’s fun and energetic rendition of Kamenrider and a number of solid rehearsed group performances throughout.

831psLike a traditional concert, the maids performed in a number of styles, venturing out of their traditional maid attire into other j-fashion inspired outfits. My particular favourite was the maid’s tartan co-ord.  Oh, and of course Maid Kyoko’s oversized pink bow!

Other than the music and fashion, the key thing about Maids of England is their performance and presence, both on and off stage, maintaining in character throughout, even the new recruits were naturals. This concert in particular featured more skits/fillers in between performances to convey these personalities.

If you follow Maids of England on Facebook, you will have seen this was Head Maid Mao’s graduation ceremony, as she left and passed her legacy (and glasses) to Maid Kyoko. She left in style with a passionate rendition of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) theme tune, she did however hint this wouldn’t be the last we see of her at MOE events.

1115psDuring the concert, Maids of England made a special announcement, five of the maids; Maid Miyuu, Maid Momoko, Maid Mimi, Maid Nadeshiko and Maid Kyoko have formed a band appropriately named M.O.E which stands for Momoiro Otome Ensemble, you can watch the girls debut at London Anime Gaming Con on Saturday 8 February tickets can be purchased on the website.

Pictures from the concert can be viewed here:
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10 Responses to MOE2: Maids of England Concert

  1. starplexus says:

    Very nice entry. I love the first picture. These costumes are great! :)

  2. EuhhҺ êteѕ vous sûг de ce que voսs dites ?

  3. Je vaiѕ te dire que ce n’est pas inexact !!

  4. J’écris cе commentaire uniquement pour féliciter son auteur

  5. Une foiѕ de plus uun excellent post, j’espère en parler dans la semaine avec certaihs de mmes potes

  6. Ѵous nous concoctez continuellement des postes intéressants

  7. Je suiѕ tout à fait du même avis que tօi

  8. dame coquine says:

    Je ƿeux νοus dirе que c’est incroyablement unee joie de venir sur votre

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  10. Tгès fascinant, selon mοi cet article devrait intéresser un pote

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