LoEC Convention Awards 2013: Results

I recently asked you to nominate and later vote in several categories for the League of Extraordinary Cosplayers Convention Awards 2013! Over 800 of you voted, below are the results, summarised with the reasons why you chose them!

491psBest Expo: MCM

Many labelled MCM Expo “The biggest and the best” as a reason for why it should win and the expo landslid to the top. Others commented it was the one time a year they could meet with friends. I am not surprised MCM won, although just like any event it does have its problems, but it is the biggest expo in the UK and for many it was their first con and where they were introduced to the wonderful world of cosplay.

Best Convention: Sunnycon

You selected Sunnycon as your Convention of the year!  With impressive guests like Vic Mignogna and a £2,000 prize for winning the cosplay contest I can see why it is so popular! Voters commented “The organisers are amazing people, they go through a heck of a lot to give us the best weekend of our lives each year” another added, “To have the idea to start a convention in Sunderland of all places was a ballsy move”. I have never been to SunnyCon or Sunderland, but your kind words towards the event have definitely made me want to check it out!

041psBest Crew: AnimeLeague

AnimeLeague crew at London Anime Con, Alcon and run the cosplay section at Showmasters events. Your comments for selecting AnimeLeague were because of their dedication and friendliness at events. One voter commented “When I speak to the crew at London Anime Con, I do not feel they are staff, I feel that they could be my friends for life”. As a volunteer for Anime League I am very proud that they won this, so thanks for everyone who voted and all your kind comments, it is appreciated!

Best Newcomer: ONECon

“From the ashes of Nemacon comes an even better convention” seemed the opinion of many as ONECon, based in Middlesbrough, grabbed the award of Best Newcomer. With headlining voice actor Greg Ayres (Ouran High School Host Club) this con has made a great first impression! A voter commented “ONEcon were exceptionally friendly, well organised and superb all around!” Again, I haven’t been to this con, but very tempted to from your all your positive feedback! A great start to a new convention and who knows perhaps ONECon will be in the best convention category next year?

1987Best Evening Entertainment: Alcon

Alcon, a four day con based at De Montfort Uni in Leicester with the accommodation located in the University halls – so there is bound to be some parties! The convention’s evening entertainment includes a rock night, rave and (my personal fave) a masquerade ball, where formal attire is mandatory and classical music is played all evening.  But it also offers alternate late night entertainment for those who prefer a more chilled out evening including late night panels, karaoke and a pub quiz! Voters commented on the variety of activities and some fondly nicknamed the con ‘Alcohol Con’.

Community Award: SunnyCon

Again, more Summer lovin’ for SunnyCon as they win the Community Award. Your reasons were the support and increased growth in providing a voice for cosplay in the North East region. You also appreciated the hard work SunnyCon have done in organising and supporting related events such as a cosplay trek for charity and the SunnyCon Boat Party.

2779psBest Convention Guest: Beckii Cruel

Beckii Cruel, attended Doki Doki, Japanorama, Anime Attacks and Alcon this year as a guest. A few of you chose Beckii Cruel as the best con guest because of “THAT hair” which is a good thing for someone who alongside performing j-pop songs makes hair tutorial videos on YouTube!  On a more serious note, it seems you also chose Beckii for her numerous appearances and attitude at conventions (Beckii lives in the Isle of Mann, so has to get a plane every time she visits a UK con!) Comments made by you included “She really cares about her fans and tries to meet them in every way she can” and “Beckii is a sweet girl with great performances and a lot of cool information and experiences to tell”. Keep updated with Beckii’s future appearances here http://beckii.co.uk/

Best Retailer: Tokyo Toys

Many of you seemed to have purchased items from Tokyo Toys already and were satisfied customers, leading it to win Best Retailer your comments included “got both of my cosplays from here this year” and “great quality and prices”. As well as exhbiting at conventions Tokyo Toys also have a store in the Trocodera Centre in Piccadilly Circus. Visit the website here http://www.tokyotoys.com/

1471psBest Cosplay Contest: EuroCosplay at MCM

No surprise here, the EuroCosplay contest at MCM Expo, won this award. A spectacular show with some magnificent entrants year on year. Voters did not just chose this competition for the cosplayers though they appreciated that “The organisers work so very hard to bring us an awesome contest”.

Cosplayer of the year:  Dragonfly Cosplay

This was a tough one, with some excellent nominations, but the winner was Dragonfly Cosplay who won the EuroCosplay UK rep qualifier and the public’s heart with her Daenerys cosplay from Games of Thrones. Voters commented on how they were impressed with her prop making skills and down to earth nature.

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One Response to LoEC Convention Awards 2013: Results

  1. Animeleague says:

    Best Crew and Best Evening Entertainment! Our crew and staff are amazing and very dedicated and we all know how to party; an excellent analysis of us, and we are also SO much more! Hopefully next time around we’ll win best community as well, as you are all awesome! We look forward to taking that AL spirit forward as we know that from crew to members we have something truly special that unites all of us and makes it so that we’re so much more than just putting on events. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and here’s to a great 2014!

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