Interview – Heroine Syndrome

heroine syndrome 2Vicki Anne, Fasion and Music Journalist, interviews Heroine Syndrome a five piece anime pop punk / post hardcore band. Combining heavy guitar riffs and aggressive rhythm sections with touching vocal harmonies and emotional melodic hooks. The band consists of Meg (メグ) lead vocals, KaoRu (かおる)on guitar and backing Vocals, Touma (当麻) plays bass guitar, Evelina (エヴェリ) on Violin and Rob (ロブ) on Drums.

heroine syndromeWho are your biggest musical influences?

Meg: Some of my favourite bands are Sum 41, Fightstar, Good Charlotte, Icon for Hire and T.a.t.u. I am a big fan of J-rock, J-Pop ­and Anime Soundtracks. My biggest influences from Japan are The Gazette, One ok Rock, EGOIST, Hungry & Angry, Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia Lufkin. I also adore anything composed by Yuki Kajiura.
KaoRu: Japanese rock, visual kei, anime, pop punk, post hardcore and baroque pop.

Do you have any unusual music inspirations?

Meg: I’d say anime. Most of the new songs I’ve been working on have been somehow inspired from favourite anime of mine. For example I have a song called “Entry Plug” which is a reference to N.G Evangelion.
KaoRu: My alter ego’s band and herbal liquor.

What was your experience playing at Enchanted?

Meg: It was a lovely experience. We got to do our warm up at The Gibson Hall’s garden, which was cool. Having an all-Lolita audience was very exciting and we got to meet a few lovely people including the wonderful harpist/vocalist and fellow songwriter Julia Mascetti  (interview coming soon!) who performed before us. I am grateful we were given the chance to perform at such an amazing event and in such a beautiful venue. I would definitely play at an event like this again.
KaoRu: Amazing, I felt like I was in a fairytale, or in an alternative dimension.

heroine syndrome 1A big part of Enchanted is the fashion, how would you describe your own style?

Meg: I enjoy combining punk, gothic, grunge and romantic fashion. Japanese fashion in general has been a big influence of mine and lately I am getting into Pastel Goth.
KaoRu: I’m inspired by the scene kids from the US, but I don’t go to the extreme.

As you know, Enchanted was predominantly a Lolita event, what are your thoughts on Lolita fashion?

Meg: I am a keen Lolita myself. I came across Lolita fashion about three years ago and soon wanted to try it out. I believe it was a huge turning point as it helped me feel more comfortable with looking feminine. I see it as a wonderful way for girls to look beautiful and impressive without being revealing and it makes me feel like a princess. Co-ordinating Lolita outfits is a very creative procedure too!
KaoRu: I would get some of that stuff for my girl, it is a very sophisticated style.

heroine syndrome 3What was your inspiration for your own outfits at Enchanted?

Meg: I wore some pieces by German indie brand Cute Lou Couture. I love her bat themed collection! Generally I tried to keep my outfit more casual/goth to be comfortable for the performance.
KaoRu: I dressed smart.

Do you feel that your fashion style influences your music?

Meg: My interest in fashion primarily started from the music I was into as a teenager so the two are closely linked for me. I believe fashion is one of the many ways to express yourself and tell your story and I believe it enhances the music when the fashion is representing somehow the message and personality of the performers.
KaoRu: Yes, it always comes together. You play and you act what you wear.

With Britain’s Got Talent currently on air, have you ever thought about auditioning for a show similar to this?

Meg: I am not really a fan of shows like that. I would not participate in one myself or with the band. Surely it’s a famous way to get exposure but I don’t support the mentality behind it.
KaoRu: I’d rather organise my own TV talent show and enslave those talents just as they do, and earn millions from their labour. But I don’t have enough money for such a big investment (yet). I don’t watch TV anyway.

heroine syndrome 4Would you like to see any Japanese acts on these shows?

Meg: I’d rather see Japanese acts concurring western fans in general. For example the way the band Baby Metal is getting quite famous around here these days is something very pleasant for me to see.
KaoRu: I don’t watch TV, so It doesn’t matter to me.
What does the future have in store for the band? 

Meg: At the moment we are in the studio working on our music. We’ll be releasing our first EP “Wrong Side of the Road” very soon. We are also planning our first video clip and working on a manga collaboration based on one of our songs! I can’t wait to share the finished product with everyone.
KaoRu: Not much, just the boring stuff: release an album, manga book, anime movie -millions of copies sold and going for a few international tours…

Thanks to Heroine Syndrome and Vicki Anne for the interview.

Check out Meg’s Facebook and Tumblr

Photographs with thanks to Saoirse Clohessy Photography

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