How Hyper Japan stole Christmas…and made it kawaii!

IMG_4424psForget Santa, the nativity and everything you thought you knew about Christmas! Hyper Japan Christmas Market 14-16 November 2014 has stolen it and make it super kawaii!

IMG_5040psTraditionally at Christmas the nativity story from the bible is told, however the only bible that can be found at Hyper Japan is of the Gothic Lolita variety – with sewing patterns included!

The only comparison, that I make very light heartedly, to a Christ figure is the general public’s love for Hatsune Miku, with an array of merchandise being sold and Vocaloid cosplayers walking around the convention halls. Hyper Japan even played host to an exclusive London concert, screening hourly with each session full. All of this shows just how much people ‘workship’ and adore the turquoise headed hologram. Hey, a vast majority of people even walked out when Ren came on to the screen during the concert I attended!

IMG_4787ps Music is a big part of Christmas, whether you like traditional Christmas carols or pop. Hyper Japan featured it’s own version, with a vast number of j-pop inspired acts many incorporating a Christmas twist including Kelsey Ellison (Kimono Time), Yano Anna, Koike Miyu and many more!


Hyper Japan added a twist to the traditional evergreen Christmas tree by creating an ema where attendees could write sentiments and wishes on wooden blocks before hanging from the tree in the hopes that good fortune would be bestowed upon them.

IMG_5175psExhibitor stalls were also selling some added anime style tree decorations which you could get for your own Christmas trees at home…


Another big part of Christmas is food; swapping candy canes for pocky sticks and mince pies for matcha cupcakes and animal faced macarons baked from a variety of exhibitors including ‘super cute macarons’ based in Knightsbridge. Yum!


You could forget Christmas turkey, brussel sprouts or gravy. The only thing on the menu was tuna fish – with a large carving taking place on stage by Hideki Kimura.

IMG_4489psWashed down with some bubble tea, or something stronger…

IMG_4902psHyper Japan had lots of free samples of sake, Japanese whiskey and wine on offer to taste! As well as hosting a cocktail workshop showing you how to add a Japanese twist to Christmas tipples.

Who needs a fat, old bearded man to deliver your presents when you can have these awesome Naruto Christmas cosplayers!


Santa may have had reindeer to pull his sleigh, but here at Hyper Japan its all about the alpacas; you could grab yours in any colour or theme at the LoveJoJo stand, the North Pole for alpacas everywhere.

IMG_4734psEveryone loves presents at Christmas, Hyper Japan obliged our desires by hosting a free  lucky dip throughout the day, numerous give-aways on stage and all the free samples on offer! Including a specific cranberry tea which lets just say had an acquired taste.

IMG_5266psChristmas wouldn’t be complete without the office party, where employees try to upstage each other in party outfits and often drink too much. At Hyper Japan there was no tux or little black dresses in sight just lots and lots of frills,lace and bright colours as fashionistas battled it out for the best co-ord judged by j-pop idol and model sensation Yano Anna.

IMG_5156psAs Mariah Carey would say, All I want for Christmas is you…but i’ll settle for some of this Sailor Moon official merchandise stocked by Dreamy Bows!


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One Response to How Hyper Japan stole Christmas…and made it kawaii!

  1. I love the cosplay. It is soo beautiful!!! the best thing is that we create our own costumes !!! So we released our imagination. I love. In addition, in this kind of place you’re not seen as weird people and it’s fun !! In Japan it is quite normal not bad seen as in France or in other countries where we stared …

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