LoEC Convention Awards 2014: Results

The general public were asked to nominate and later vote in several categories for the League of Extraordinary Cosplayers Convention Awards 2014! Over 1300 of you voted, below are the results, summarised with the reasons of why you chose them! See the 2013 results here

Best Expo

MCM London Expo

MCM London Expo, took the title of best expo for the second year – up against some tough competition from the likes of London Super Comic Con and Hyper Japan. Many commented it was still ‘the biggest and best’ as the event drew in a record of 110,000 attendees as well a guest appearance from Daniel Radcliffe! MCM has lots planned for 2015, with Felicia Day already announced for MCM May 2015.

Best Convention


Leon Chiro at Kitacon


After a break Kitacon made a return to the scene in 2014 it seems it was sorely missed, winning back your hearts and the title of ‘Best Convention 2014′ with guests such as Leon Chiro, Professor Elemental and Ellen McLain. The Kitacon Invasion will be back with registrations opening 8 January follow @Kitacon for the latest news.

Best Crew


For the second year running, AnimeLeague picks up this title of best crew. AnimeLeague crew at Alcon, London Anime Con as well as Showmasters events. If you are a regular on the convention circuit chances you likely would of seen them at an event. Voters commented on how helpful, welcoming and friendly AL crew were. As a volunteer for AL events, this is a big honour so extra special thanks to those that voted!

Best Evening Entertainment

fox excelThe Fox -MCM Expo London

A bit of a bizarre one compared to the other nominees (Alcon, Kitacon and Sunnycon), but this is what you chose as your winner for best evening entertainment! Voters commented that this is the place to go to hang with all your friends after a con…and make some new ones. Perhaps highlighting it is not where you are but who you are with!

Best Exhibitor

tofu cuteTofu Cute

This year Tofu Cute steals the award with its kawaii accessories and Japanese food! Voters commented that they chose Tofu Cute because they were able to buy and try products that are unavailable in the UK. Others enjoyed the innovative candy festival held at Hyper Japan by the brand. For those who are fans of Tofu Cute they have recently opened up a shop in Portsmouth.

Remember to check out the other exhibitors nominees; Tokyo Toys, Genki Gear and AnimeZ

Best Cosplay Contest


Nikita & Annshella Cosplay win the championship

London Super Comic Con

The UK sure isn’t short of cosplay contests with the UK taking part in ECG and WCS, but it seems it was the London Super Cosplay Championships that took your breath away. The event raised the stakes with a prize of two tickets to Dragoncon in Atlanta and flew in guest judges YaYa Han and Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe from America. It certainly left you impressed especially with contestants efforts in a nail biting finale on the Sunday.

Community Award


Winners of the special community award goes to AnimeLeague! Reasons for voting AnimeLeague as the winner included the friendly team and for the regular meets they host all over the country (not just London), the online forum and ability to contribute at events. Many commented that through an AL meet/con they made some great friends.

Best Convention Guest

stan leeStan Lee

Is it any wonder Stan Lee, creator of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk and many more won this award? Crowds flocked for his appearance at London Film Comic in July, some queuing for hours in the heat for the opportunity to meet Stan the man. Turning 92 a few days ago, the comic book legend is still attending cons in his nineties! Voters commented how impressed they were by Stan’s dedication to attending an event at his age, and a general love and respect for his work.

Videographer/Photographer of the Year

sneaky zebra logo
Sneaky Zebra

This was so close and all our nominees: Food and Cosplay, Shades On, Sneaky Zebra and Smile 250 are such a talented bunch (I recommend checking out their work) who have helped showcase cosplay. The general public made the tough decision and voted Sneaky Zebra as this year’s winner! Voters were impressed with the Sneaky Zebra lads above the bar cosplay music videos (CMV) which cover cons internationally, often incorporating a few surprise celebrity guest appearances!

Cosplayer of the Year

kingfisher images

The Super Maians – By Kingfisher Images

The Super Maians

Again, this was so close and all the nominees in this category are extremely talented cosplayers (The Super Maians, Cosplex, Twinfools, Valentine Cosplay and Sketch McDraw) and have contributed to the community in various ways: online tutorials, convention panels, representing the UK in international competitions and just generally spreading cosplay positivity!

The Super Maians, took the crown with voters commenting how inspired they were by the cosplaying family – as well as a little envious of not having Sonia and Tiago as their own parents!  With admiration of their craft and community spirit, the family have built an array of costumes from the DC and Marvel universe and beyond with plenty more in-store for us next year!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Needs an Indie Comic/Comic Village/ Artist Alley award.

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