London Super Costume Championships at LSCC 2015


IMG_4792psWinner of our Best Cosplay Contest 2014 in our LoEC Convention awards, London Super Costume Championship is back, and set to be better than ever with early registration open 16 January. The event takes place during London Super Comic Con 14-15 March 2015 at London Excel Centre.

Last year we saw YaYa Han, Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe and Tabitha Lyons judge and crown Nikita and Annshella Cosplay the winner for their Elsa and Anna (Frozen) costumes. The pair were closely followed by runners up (and ECG winners) Laura Sindall and Cosplex for their nostalgic She-ra cosplays .

This year, judges from around the world (well America, France and Germany) will gather again to judge the championship across two days and make the gruelling, tough decision of who will win the title and the grand prize of two tickets to Dragon Con, plus flights and 5 nights’ accommodation paid for!

 So who are this year’s judges?

IMG_4824psYaya Han, international professional cosplayer and star of Heroes of Cosplay. YaYa will be returning to check everyone’s seams and offering some tip top advice to this year’s contestants. An inspiration to many, it will be great to have her back!

IMG_4836psAs last year’s winners, Nikita and Annshella will now be on the other side of the  judging table. Travelling from France, these skilled cosplayers will also have the ability to emphasise with  contestants having been in their shoes.

kamui tablante photo
Kamui by Tablante Photography

Kamui Cosplay, born in Uzbekistan she moved to Germany when she was five. The talented cosplayer is not only a wizard at worbla but dedicated to providing tutorials and guides to other cosplayers. Self publsishing best-selling books about  painting, armour making and her latest release “The Book of Cosplay Lights”. We could all certainly learn a thing or too from her!

Photo by Cosplay Boom
Photo by Cosplay Boom

Bill Coran from Punished Props  specilaises in making space guns, fantasy weapons, and elaborate sets of armour for a living by building high quality replica props for clients all around the world. Bill also loves to share his passion and techniques with others through videos and digital guides.

Popette Cosplay

The contest is 50% craft, 50% performance, which means it is bound to be another show stopper event! Last year the audience saw; costume changes, confetti cannons, monologues and martial arts, it was one heck of a show. I for one can’t wait to see what the 2015 entrants have in store!

It all may sound very overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to enter! Ben Hunt, LSCC Cosplay Organiser highlights, “To anyone who has worked hard to create a costume that they’re proud of, now’s the time to show it off! Being involved in any competition is a fantastic experience, and at LSCC it’s also a great chance to talk to some of the most famous and successful cosplayers in the world.”

Jazzhands Cosplay
Jazzhands Cosplay

As mentioned above, early registration opens 16 January there are of course some rules, please read them carefully here along with information on how to register.

 Tickets are avaialble to purchase here: