Dying Light Game Review


dyinglightAre you a zombie fan? Then read Luke Derbyshire’s review of Dying Light the ultimate zombie game which makes Rick (Walking Dead) look like a wimp.

Dying Light is an action survival game set in a post apocalyptic, dangerous world. Fast paced, you don’t stay in one place for long. Attempting to create a realistic situation of what would happen if zombies took over, and avoid it becoming just a shoot em’ up, the game is separated between day and night.

dying-light4During the day your customised character roams an urban environment, scavenging for supplies and crafting awesome weapons that will help fight off the crazy hordes of zombies you encounter.

At night, the objective is to strategically stay out of sight as the infected become stronger and more aggressive. The menacing inhuman predators are also introduced who only leave their nests to feed at night. If you are too ‘scared’ to play the game on your own don’t worry because you can have up to four friends kicking ass with you online – showing off your customized character design!

Dying-Light-VolatileI was impressed by the graphics in this game, they really look awesome on the Xbox One and the intricate detail of the zombies are amazing. While playing I did come across some glitches and bugs, which I hope will be fixed for the official launch on 27 February, but apart from that the game is awesome. It’s like Dead Island mixed with Mirrors Edge and with a pinch of Far Cry 4.

The character you play, Kyle Crane or ’31’ as he is known when in the quarantine zone provides a detailed back story of how he first landed into Harran (the quarantine zone) via aeroplane, as he first encounters the murderous bandits and is bitten on the arm by one of the infected. While in the Harran, Crane has to carry out a mission but becomes entangled in the plight of the runners who are fighting to survive both the bandits and the infected. I won’t go into that much detail as I don’t want to spoil the game but I can assure you that if you do buy Dying Light you will have fun playing 1 person, but even more fun playing with your friends online completing the set missions.

Rating: 4/5