Revelry, Tea Party Club 7th Anniversary Review

revelry 1

Ai AkizukiFollowing on from Tea Party Club and Street Fashion Europe’s Enchanted event Vicki Anne reports on Revelry…

Once again the Tea Party Club hosted an annual event around the time of its incorporation. This year was TPC’s seventh birthday and Lolita’s from all over the UK (and around the world) donned their best outfits and headed to London.

This year the event took place in the beautiful Gray’s Inn close to London’s High Holborn area. A fitting venue with an extensive historical background stretching from the 14th century through the actual periods that Lolita fashion partly takes its inspiration from, as someone with a keen interest in history I found the place fascinating.

The Tea Party Club has become renowned for hosting spectacular events for Lolita’s from all over the UK and organisers Kyra and Michaela once again delivered an event to truly be proud of. Every time I attend one of their events I can always feel the time, effort and dedication that has gone into creating something for the UK Lolita community. From the setting, to the stalls and the tea party itself, every detail seems thoroughly thought out in order to make the event memorable for all.

revelry 1This year was no different as attendee’s were treated to a special guest appearance from the designer of leading Lolita fashion brand Metamorphose ~temps de fille~ who brought along brand new designs for the fashion show and a selection of clothing for sale. Meta’s designer also attended the Sunday tea party.

As a fan of goth-loli I was very excited for the other special guest – Toshie Mihashi  from popular Lolita publication, Gothic and Lolita Bible! A mook (magazine/book) that is widely considered the ‘go-to’ guide, featuring new fashion releases from all major and independent Japanese brands.

Other key guests included Ai Akizuki, founder of Lolita & Punk no Kai, the community twinned with Tea Party Club themselves. She has also modelled for some of Japan’s well known Lolita brands. Additionally Grimoire designer Hitomi Nomura and Himitsu by Syrup were in attendance.

ShoppingA highlight of Revelry was the Q&A with the guests of honour, such as Toshie Mihashi where Lolitas could ask their fashion senpais any burning questions they have from trivia to advice

Obviously the fashion show was a sight to see featuring Grimoire’s first ever original printed dress designs and two of Meta’s new prints. A great opportunity for the UK Lolita community as all designs were modelled by UK girls who had applied to take part in the show.

A particular panel I found interesting was by Ai Akizuki who talked about her life growing up as a Lolita (her parents were fans of the fashion and dressed her in it as a little girl!) and her struggles with making friends and feeling like an outsider. She spoke about how she decided to start up the group and how she met her friends through it; an encouraging story for any Lolita who has ever felt out of place.

Grimoire shopOf course, a big part of TPC’s events is the shopping! As well as Metamorphose’s stand GLB also had one selling their latest issue and a few dresses from one of the indie brands in their publications. Grimoire also debited their original dress in both colours as well as their infamous tights. Other brands closer to home also attended the event including Lady Sloth, Roxie Sweetheart, Atelier Dormir, Peacockalorum and many more. The brands showcased their designs and went down well with those wanting to add to their wardrobe!

Of course, there was also the usual bring and buy where Loli’s could sell unwanted clothing and others could buy them, making it a profitable experience for some!

Fashionshowmeta3I loved the Purikura-style photo booth at the event, it was a nice touch! We had a lot of fun posing for the pics and it gave friends a chance to take cute, amusing and sometimes less than glamorous pictures in groups.

Everyone’s coordinates looked beautiful and everyone was really friendly and each event makes it a joy to be part of the UK Lolita community, I can’t wait for the next!

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