Mommy and Me Cosplay Interview – Mother’s Day Special

catwoman hamsalad

Photo by Ham Salad

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Here is a special interview with Jannelle aka Mommy and Me Cosplay from America. You may recognise as Catwoman, who she cosplayed along with her two daughters aged 6 and 7 making the ultimate Catwoman family – meow!

How did you start cosplaying?

We started cosplaying because I always wanted to since I was 12 but was never allowed, and last year my friend said she was going to and well…the rest is history!

Has cosplay affected your family?

It has affected my family, in a sense that it has brought us together to complete a task as a family. We never really had a set family event other than Disneyland (laughs) and this really turned into our new thing.

catwoman instasuck36

Photo by Instasuck36

How involved do your daughters get with the crafting of the costumes?

My daughter have recently gotten very involved. In fact, the cosplay coming up for this Wondercon was the design of my eldest daughter. They even help with making the props with their Nino.

Your family catwoman cosplay went viral, did you expect that?

(laughs) I was rather shocked that everyone took positively to it. It’s still has me in awe.

What was the inspiration behind your Catwoman cosplay?

I always wanted to cosplay her, ever since I came across her character in Tim Burton’s Batman Forever I was inspired.  I saw other women cosplaying her and I thought “Where’s Michelle’s damaged cosplay?” So I decided to bring her to the cosplay world!

catwoman 3Any tips for other mums looking to get their family into cosplay?

Yes, let your child choose the cosplay. Allow them to be involved or they will just feel forced and not be into it. My daughters have chosen their cosplays since day one and they love it. And I go along because it’s a family hobby now, and it will always be.

Can you reveal any future cosplay plans?

Yeah sure, at Wondercon I will arrive as Harley’s revenge and my daughters as Harley and Joker’s offspring (My daughter designed the dress). We also decided to do My little Pony, Pokemon and Poison Ivy.

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