Meet the Team

becca cameraRebecca Moriarty, Editor and Founder

Not like most Essex girls, Becca started the blog in April 2013 to channel her love of all things cosplay, photography and Japanese culture. Becca studied Public Relations at Bournemouth University and has crewed for a number of conventions helping with their press, social media and developing their cosplay areas. Although she loves to be behind the camera surprisingly she has found herself in front of it a few times!

vicki anneVicki Anne, Fashion and Music Reporter

Born in Manchester, Vicki Anne studied Media in York where she developed her love for writing and film production. Her interest in Japanese culture stems from her childhood love for Anime and during sixth form college, her own discovery of Visual Kei music and fashion as well as Lolita and (more recently) Gyaru fashions.

052psAisha Anime, Games Reporter and Presenter

Aisha Anime aka Aisha Ahmed, a London based writer with an English Degree from Goldsmiths has a thirst of Japanese culture ensuring to attend all the upcoming Japanese related events in London. Writing for UKAnifest and affiliate sites she also runs a regular podcast  The Anime UK Show . For LoEC she reviews games and interviews guests on our YouTube Channel.

IMG_4090logoLuke Derbyshire, Video Editor

Luke aka the real life Light Yagami, helps edit the videos for our YouTube channel.  Luke has a talent for filming and editing which he nurtures studing Media Production at University. Luke loves anime, gaming, films and cosplaying.  When he is not studying or writing in his Death Note, he can be found planning his next comic convention.

emilyEmily aka Maiyumi, Entertainment Reporter

Emily (aka Maiyumi) is a film student studying in Cambridge where she peruses her interest in film. Japanese language and culture has been one of her interests since when secondary school, where she studied the language in her free time. Since then she has been pursuing many hobbies, which include watching anime as well as live action films, going to conventions and cosplaying. She is also a big fan of reading, which includes, novels, manga and graphic novels.

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  1. Hello!

    Excellent blog! Keep up the great work.

    Much success!

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