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Cosplayer of the week – Matt Holden

To celebrate the 50th anniversary this week’s cosplayer is Matt Holden, a fab 10th Doctor doppelganger! When and how did you notice your uncanny resemblance to the Doctor? It wasn’t me that noticed…  It all started, as with most good … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Companion Cosplayers

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is approaching which has caused the public to reminisce and debate about who their favourite Doctor Who is. However it is important to remember that it is not just the Doctor that has made the … Continue reading

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Femme 11: Doctor Who Group Exposed

When our beloved Matt Smith announced he was leaving Doctor Who there was mass speculation on who would replace him. Many suggested that it was time for a female doctor to hit out screens! While this didn’t happen, a group … Continue reading

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