Convention Photographs

All my convention photographs will be on League of Extraordinary Cosplayers Facebook Page, however before I made this website I was attending and photographing cosplayers! You can view these pictures on my personal Facebook (albums have been made public) listed alphabetically below are  the conventions and links to the photo albums.

Alcon 2012 Thursday

Alcon 2012 Friday

Alcon 2012 Saturday

Alcon 2012 Sunday

Alcon 2013 Thursday

Alcon 2013 Friday

Alcon 2013 Saturday and Sunday coming soon

Camcon 2013

Entertainment Media Show 2013

Eurogamer 2013 Thursday

Eurogamer 2013 Friday

Eurogamer  2013 Saturday and Sunday

Frock On 2013

Hyper Japan Winter 2012

Hyper Japan 2013 Friday

Hyper Japan 2013 Saturday

Hyper Japan 2013 Sunday

Japanorama 2013

London Anime Convention 4

London Anime Convention 5

London Anime Convention 6 Saturday

London Anime Convention 6 Sunday

London Anime Convention 7 Saturday

London Anime Convention 7 Sunday

London Film Comic Convention Summer 2013 Saturday

London Film Comic Convention Summer 2013 Sunday

London Super Comic Con 2013

MCM Expo October Friday 2012

MCM Expo October Saturday 2012

MCM Expo October Sunday 2012

MCM Expo May 2013 Friday

MCM Expo May 2013 Saturday

MCM Expo May 2013 Sunday

MCM Expo October 2013 Friday

MOE: Love Concert

Okinawa Day 2013

Picnics and meets

Sci-fi London Costume Parade 

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