Press Coverage


23 December, 2013 – Geeks E4 episode 5

14 July, BBC1 News 1.30pm and 6.30pm Cosplay spotlight


becca geeks e4 cosplay guardian article

southwark news pic

Review of Episode 5 Geeks by A Guide to Geekdom


MyM – Photos to accompany article Aisha Ahmed article regarding J-fashion and cosplay confusion

Neo Magazine – Photo to accompnay Mary Ann Russon Article regarding Enchanted

Neo Magazine – Photo of Lise Toftdahl Olesen (Ivy and Velma), Mel (RWBY), Aisha Anime and Kitty (Misty)

Neo Magazine Photo of Kittehkat Cosplay

Neo Magazine Issue 119 – Photo of Chiquitita Cosplay as Wolverine

neo119psNeo Magazine Issue 117 – Photograph of Bloodwolf Cosplay as Lucy, Elfen Lied (Photo coming soon)

Convention programmes

London Film Comic Con – Photos to accompnay cosplay article

Kitcon article – Author of interview with Leon Chiro

London Anime Gaming Con – Author of interview with Maggie Blue O’Hara

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