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The Wish Sisters New J-pop Act Interview

We speak with new J-pop band on the block The Wish Sisters Who are The Wish Sisters? Alice: We are a J-Pop idol unit based in London. We all share a passion for J-Pop and Japanese culture! I am the pink … Continue reading

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How Hyper Japan stole Christmas…and made it kawaii!

Forget Santa, the nativity and everything you thought you knew about Christmas! Hyper Japan Christmas Market 14-16 November 2014 has stolen it and make it super kawaii! Traditionally at Christmas the nativity story from the bible is told, however the only … Continue reading

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Cosplayer of the Week Special: World Cosplay Summit Team 2014

Emi-zone and Felixize represented the UK in the World Cosplay Summit this year. These amazing cosplayers shared with us what this extraordinary experience was like and the cultural difference between cosplay in the UK and Japan. How did it feel … Continue reading

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Cosplayer of the week – Tabitha Lyons Interview

This week I inteviewed the talented Tabitha Lyons, queen of dragons and master of props. Tabitha reveals her cosplay and convention plans for the summer, what it is like to judge contests and the pressures that come with being recognised … Continue reading

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Hyper Japan – Bourgeois TokyoxLondon Event

Last weekend I and Aisha Anime visited the Hyper Japan shop in Camden for the first time. There was a special fashion event held in conjunction with Bourgeois Fashion TokyoxLondon, a fashion show, which involved the models from Bourgeois walking … Continue reading

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